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Customer Testimonials


“Char is great to work with because she really listened to my specific needs.  I have arthritis in my knees that impact my lifestyle.  Char came up with a plan that allows me to get in shape without further damaging my knees.  She is very professional and I enjoyed working with her."

Hillary W. Greater Akron area

Char was a pleasure to work with! Being a heavyset woman in my 50's with no previous "work out" experience, I was apprehensive initially to hire a personal trainer. 10 years I had undergone physical therapy for numerous injuries including herniated discs, tibial tendon disorder, foot surgery that requires my wearing a brace, torn meniscus & jammed shoulder. I needed someone who would listen, understand the injuries and create in for me. Char tailored routines that would challenge me without risk of further complications. She was quick to assess my strengths, and limitations and designed a guide for me to follow when I hit the gym as well as ideas for things I can do at home to keep limber and strong. She included input on how to keep myself challenged as my body gets used to the workout. She is genuinely interested in helping people. Her approach is disciplined without being dictatorial, gentle but not lax, caring and non-egotistical. If you want results, accountability and a positive change in your life, give Charlaine serious consideration!"

Clare B. Greater Akron area

"Char has helped me learn new exercises to strengthen muscles and lose weight and has taught me the reasoning behind each exercise (how it works and what muscles are being worked).

Has a great personality and is very patient which was great for me, who has had a lot of knee problems."

M. M. weight loss and knee issues client of Greater Pittsburgh area

"Char has been my rock throughout this entire process. She's continually challenging me, both in my workout and my diet.  char is always coming up with new workouts that push me the extra mile that I probably wouldn't have pushed myself. Although fitness is a lifetime challenge, I am forever grateful for Char helping me achieve my current fitness goals. to date, I've lost over 15 pounds and am only 2% away from achieving my target body fat percentages. Thanks

D.S. weight loss client Greater Pittsburgh area

"I joined the LifeCenter club in hopes of regaining flexibility, and fitness after my extensive Rotator Cuff surgery. While I thought that I might be able to do it on my own, I realized that I would need help in building back my confidence in my body and in understanding what were my true physical limits vs my mental and emotional limits. Consequently, I sought out a trainer with not only a great working knowledge of my type of injury but one who also had the right psychological approach to my personality. she would truly work with me on a one-to-one level. As a result of working with Char, I have regained and flexibility.  Most importantly working with Char has proven to me that many of my health limitations were from fear of re-injury and we're not based on physical limitations. I'm well on my way to meeting my fitness goals and would still be working with Char as my personal trainer had she not moved on to start her new life. I strongly recommend Char as a professional personal trainer who encourages you and most importantly connects with you on a one-to-one level."

Kathleen B. Greater Akron Area

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