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 For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV

Speaker and Writer

Speaker, Writer
About Charlaine Martin

Charlaine Martin is a fresh voice in the writing world with her own unique view of Christian life. In 2014, she answered God’s distinct call to write when attending a Christian women’s conference in March of 2011. Her passion is helping people become healthy and fit without the New Age influence stands out from the crowd. She loves to witness Christians growing in their faith regardless of what life brings their way. Charlaine is a no-nonsense person who brings a biblical viewpoint in a rubber-meets-the-road manner.


She has written feature articles for Faith Filled Family Magazine since April 2015. She has also done guest posts for Consumer Health Digest online and Urgent Way Urgent Health Care. Her entry into the writing world began as a blogger on Faith Fighters for Christ Martial Arts Ministry website before the term “blogging” was coined. She tackled topics, as Sensei Charlaine Engelhardt, like Christians in martial arts, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and other Eastern religions in light of biblical Christian faith. In the Christian martial arts arena, she contributed a chapter entitled “Teaching Children with ADD/HD” to a compilation in “Encounter the Warrior’s Heart: The Philosophy of Shinsei Hapkido” by Joseph Lumpkin and Daryl R. Covington. Later, she earned Honorable Mention in the Gem Writing Contest 2010 entitled, “God’s Timing is Always Perfect”, a publication by the Churches of God General Conference. In 2014, as an attempt to supplement her income after her first husband passed away, she began Totally Fit 4 Life as a website and blog. This website business morphed into her personal ministry on health, fitness, and wellness from a Christian perspective. She blogs on topics about weight loss, exercise, fitness, health conditions, and the New Age movement in the health and fitness industry. She looks forward to bringing her writing into the homes of Christians and non-Christians alike.

Do you want Charlaine to write an article or blog post for your blog or publication? Email me to make your request.


Charlaine is an accomplished speaker with a practical teaching and speaking style that grabs the heart of her listeners. Her conversational style uses tangible, real life illustrations with frankness and sensitivity to bring across God’s message for the topic at hand. She has spoken in churches, YMCAs, the University of Findlay, the Arthritis Foundation, recreation centers, health clubs, martial arts demonstrations and self-defense seminars. She has also taught as a special topics presenter covering menopause and health, fibromyalgia, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, Eastern religious practices in martial arts in light of Christian faith, and special speaking topics as requested. She has a heart for bringing home the value of each person in the eyes of our Creator and His great love for them.

Charlaine holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management from Malone College, with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Christian Ministry. She also is a nationally-accredited, certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with the National Exercise Trainers Association and a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, including more than 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She holds a third-degree black belt in the American Christou martial arts system she and her late husband founded, and second-degree black belt in Okinawan Shorinji.  She is a member of the American Christian Writers and WordGirls. Charlaine has attended Indiana Faith and Writing Conference, Write-to-Publish, Colorado Christian Writers Conference, and the Breathe Christian Writers’ Conference. She continues to expand her understanding in health, fitness, wellness, and Christian faith.


Sample speaking titles include:

  • Languishing on the Sand: How to Find Refreshment in Daily Life

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Staying Grounded in Your Faith in a Self-Absorbed Culture

  • Help! There's a Snake in the Gym!  Living a No Zen Healthy Lifestyle

  • To Bow or Not to Bow? That is the Question for Christians in an OM! World

  • Who is Caring for the Caregiver? Avoiding Burnout

  • Living and Loving Again (adult single-again groups)

  • Help! I'm Having Menopot Meltdown! (mid-life issues)

  • I Live in a Glass House and They're Throwing Rocks! The Vulnerable Pastor's Family Life

  • What a Pain! Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Keeping Chronic Health Conditions from Defining Who We Are

  • Food, Food,  Everywhere and Not a Bite to Eat!: Living with Celiac and Food Allergies

and more.  Do you have a topic you would like to hear at your church or civic group? Reach out to me through the Contact form below or email me.

I want to share an interview my friend, Emily Gehman, did with me in her show on Solid State Radio. In our discussion, I share God's story in my life and His work through my life today. #health #faith #ministry


See what people have to say about Charlaine Martin as a writer, speaker, and presenter:

See what people are saying:

Charlaine as a Program Developer and Workshop Presenter-Teacher

"As the director of a faith-based social service agency providing housing and life skills training to foster youth and young adults, it was important for me to find a Self Defense instructor who not only was knowledgeable about the required skills sets, but could do so from a Christian perspective, i.e. protect yourself while acknowledging your perpetrator is also a child of God.  Fortunately, Char and her late husband, Don, were recommended to me and we partnered with them for 5 years before they moved from our area.

Not everyone can work with troubled, defensive teen girls and young adults. Char’s sincere nature and genuineness with our girls resonated successfully and the Self Defense Series was one of the most popular classes of our entire 46-week curriculum.  Char exhibited an easy-to-understand teaching style, possessed great patience (!) with our girls and made the whole learning experience fun AND informative.  Her biggest success in my eyes was the ability to incorporate all aspects of an individual: the emotional, physical, social and spiritual while teaching the girls the ability to access the environment they found themselves in, make smart decisions to ensure their safety, and above all else, protect themselves without doing undue harm to others. "

Jill Miller, Director, PAL Mission  Canton, Ohio

"Good morning Char, I just read your post about the Faith Fighters website. I want to let you know how much FF meant to my family. Jen was an active and aggressive little girl who needed to channel her energy in positive ways. Davey was a meek and timid little boy who needed his confidence boosted. You and Don came into our lives at the very moment we needed you. I will forever be grateful for the influence your teachings had on my family. God bless you!"

Mary Thomas, Philadephia, PA

I am currently available to speak in the continental United States. Press releases and bio sheet now available upon request.   Email me or fill out the form below for questions, requests, and comments. I will respond to you shortly.

Radio Interview: Charlaine Martin

I want to share an interview my friend, Emily Gehman, did with me in her show on Solid State Radio. In our discussion, I share God's story in my life and His work through my life today. 

#eatingdisorders #health #faith #ministry Air date: December 14, 2019. 

WordGirls Member since 2017

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