Be Totally Fit for Life!

 For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV


Be Totally Fit for Life! is starting a #commityourheart Movement to mobilize Christians and Churches to take care of your hearts to serve God and others more effectively. You may sign up to join this challenge to get moving and begin eating healthy to take care of your heart. If you commit your heart to the Lord physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. The Lord will strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9) Watch for more information on how you and your church can do this.

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Sign up below to join. Go to our Facebook page  to share what you are doing and how God is blessing you in this endeavor. You will receive 1 entry each week for doing 3-5 days of cardio @20 minutes or more each day. PLEASE, GET YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDER'S APPROVAL FIRST! We will do a random drawing for several prizes:

Grand Prize: 1 Personal Healthy Lifestyles coaching, 1 Healthy Lifestyles bracelet, and 1 month free PraiseMoves classes with Char Martin.

Other Prizes, one each:

1. Your choice between two different PraiseMoves dvds,

2. Healthy Lifestyles charm bracelet,

3. Healthy Lifestyles group participation for 12 weeks,

4. 3 Personal training sessions,

5. Abide in the Vine ring,

6. Pantry Evalutation,

7. Personal Evaluation.

How awesome is that?!?! 

Pastors and Ministry Leaders

It is absolutely FREE to join this movement! It doesn't matter when you begin this movement in your church or ministry. If you want to use the Logo, you must register to receive permission to use the logo and other materials. A reproducible pledge card template for your organization's use. Please, use #commityourheart Movement in all of your correspondence relating to this challenge. You may order T-shirts at Cafe Press or, for large quantities, I can get them for you at my cost plus shipping. I will not be earning money from this movement. You are always welcome to make a donation, but it is not required.

Have those participating go to our Facebook page to share their victories, struggles, and more relating to the #commityourheart Movement. We want to cheer them on!

Ideas for Churches, Ministries, and Christian Leaders to join this Movement:

  • Simply ask permission to use the #commityourheart logo (the logo may not be altered in any way, only resized) and make pledge cards for each person participating to sign. I will set up a master for you if that would be easier. Pray over each pledge and person everyday from February 1 to March 1. Since this is our first year, you can set your first day and end day 30 days later. This challenge can used any time in the year, but January, February (our focus on heart), and September are excellent times to begin. You might prefer the beginning of Spring like April or May, to have Praise and Prayer walks with prayer stations.
  • Set up a kick-off with Prayer, healthy treats, and fun activities for people of any age to do. Encourage families to participate together. Some ideas are old-fashioned games like 4-Square, Potato Sack Races, and more. 

  • Set Walk Breaks during your work day. If it is too cold or rainy to walk outdoors, walk the hallways in your building. Designate someone to lead the rest. Begin in prayer Committing Your Hearts to the Lord. Sing upbeat hymns or praise choruses or play Praise and Worship music as you walk at a moderate pace. Do consider the limits of some of your staff by having a designated person hang back with those who are slower or have health problems.
  • Encourage your members to have healthy great tasting healthy foods at your gatherings. Have a group of people who love eating healthy make idea cards for easy, low-cost, tasty treats your congregation to pick up after service. Instead of donuts, offer fresh cut fruit, raisins, and other nutritious treats with the coffee, tea, and water station. Please, refrain from promoting fad diets.
  • Spend time praying over people in your congregation who have had heart attacks, strokes, and other heart related illnesses. Be encouraging and supportive of them as they begin rehab after hospitalization.
  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders, SET THE EXAMPLE! Take care of your heart by doing heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise. Let your congregation members know you are in your gym or rec center by simply saying, "Hi!" to them when you see them.
  • Have the people in your church or ministry use the #commityourheart in their social media posts about their workouts and healthy eats.
  • Start health and fitness ministries in your church. 
  1. Allow exercise classes that are clean and God-honoring have space and time in your gym or a large room. Please, refrain from having Yoga or Tai Chi groups in your church as they are rooted in Buddhist beliefs, even some that claim to be Christian. If you want help evaluating these, contact meA couple of safe ones are PraiseMoves and WholyFit
  2. Begin basketball, softball, or soccer leagues as an evangelistic outreach in your community. 
  3. Get cycling and running groups started. Our church has Team Woodside , for example. 
  4. Start a walking group with a designated leader. 
  5. Host a Healthy Lifestyles 12 Week Focus Group
A number of ideas are possible you can use to promote healthy Christian living in your churches and communities.