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God's Plan for Change in 2019

Posted on January 2, 2019 at 5:45 AM

My hubby and I spent a week out just to get away. We were on burnout, just absolutely spent. Rest and relaxation were just what we needed. I had to force myself to not write or create memes. That was hard. I only posted a Bible verse from my iPhone app. In the meantime, while we were at my hubby’s family Christmas gathering, I started seeing people post on social media about goal setting and making resolutions. It sounded as if January 1, 2019 was a deadline carved in stone! Phooey. For me Christmas time runs through the first week of January. Besides, goal setting and other planning works better for me over the first couple of weeks in January, not while I'm recovering from family gatherings in the midst of work and life. It's fine that some like to get it done by January 1st, but it doesn’t work that way for everyone. Whether you are the early bird planner or like me, or the-get- it- done-when-it-works-best- for-me type, planning for changes and goals involves prayerful consideration, meaning that we should talk to God throughout the planning process. It isn’t too late to begin your goal planning for the New Year at all.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21 NIV. It is with this passage in mind that we look over what we hope to accomplish in 2019. I have some free goal planning sheets for you. They normally sell for $25.00, but if you email me at [email protected] or message me on Facebook @betotallyfitforlife by January 12, 2019, I will email them to you as a download. This format uses the four aspects of a person’s life because there is more to health and weight than just the physical part.You may use these indispensible worksheets for your personal life, work, school, family, whatever. Just please, only make copies for yourself to use for your own planning. They are not to be resold or redistributed. 

One downside to goal planning is that it's too easy to be general. For example, lose weight. What does that really mean for you? Do you want to lose 10 lbs? Do you want to fit into a specific size? Do you have health conditions that cause weight gain? How about medications? Oftentimes, weight loss is less of a concern than health numbers like A1C or blood pressure. Ask the Lord to point out specific things you should work on in each category then write them down. 

Next, what will you need to do to accomplish those goals? This is why we plan our course. Do you need to purchase a scale, a gym membership, or change what you eat? What about your attitude about your weight or health? What faith issues should you consider and how will that affect your other goals? It helps to consider these goals in closely related groups. Finally, what will it cost you to accomplish these goals? There is always a sacrifice with change. Are you willing and able to pay the price in your life for this change? If so, you are ready to forge ahead!

Finally, be flexible with your plan because life almost always throws an obstacle in your path. Can you work with it or around it? If not, what can you do until the obstacle moves out of your way? What if you weren't realistic with some of your goals? You can refigure them or plot a plan for that season in life with the obstacle planted in your path. If that obstacle is permanent, say a health condition or a new job, then you will need to rework some of your goals to include those limits imposed by your obstacle. If plan A doesn’t work, keep reworking it until you have a plan that can help you move forward. I’ve had to do that over the past two years with autoimmune disease, now I am moving forward. Yay! You can, too.

Last, do celebrate victories as you succeed with your plans. Give God the glory for what He has done in you and through you! Be specific about what was accomplished and make a monument to these achievements. Nothing is more satisfying than to see what went well instead of what hasn’t happened yet. By the way, food is not a good reward. Try something that won’t erase all of your hard work.

Don’t hurry through this process. It may take a couple of weeks to work on your plan. Ask God for a Bible passage or a Word for your New Year. I found my Word for the year at Then I looked up Bible passages for that Word. These will be at the top of my own goal planning sheets. It may helpful as you plot your course. If you have any questions, contact me for help. I hope to have the tutorial up for you by the weekend. When I do, I will let you know.Videos haven't been loading right on my website, so I may have to try an alternate plan to help you walk through the process. God has a plan and a purpose for you in this New Year.

I pray you will have a blessed 2019!

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