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Get the Most Out of Your Workout During the Holiday Season

Posted on October 31, 2018 at 11:10 AM

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So you got the candy tax from your kids—or nieces and nephews if you don’t have kids of your own. Feel like you scored big time? Watch out! You are just starting the “gain-the-most-weight-season” which runs now through New Year’s Day. Family and friends lovingly offer us food too good to pass up. Once on the lips, forever on the hips! Oh, no! Don’t want to pack on 20 pounds? Then let’s make that workout work for you without hurting yourself.

Take a New Class

Try a new exercise class to kick up a new burn because our bodies adapt to what we do all the time, so we don't see new benefits. By trying a new class of a different type, we increase our calorie burn during and AFTER the class ( Exercise classes are a great way to get a good fat burning workout, with the exception of yoga and Pilates, which aren’t designed to burn fat. You learn how to do exercises correctly and get challenged at the same time. Remember that not all classes are equal in fat burn, though. Zumba is fun, but doesn't burn as many calories as a step aerobics class, for example. Water exercise burns more fat than what most people realize because the feeling of the water is deceptive. If you don’t like one class, try another. Before you know it, the tell-tale signs of indulging over the holidays will be gone.

Ramp It UP

When you hop onto the cardio machines, take it up a notch. Slight increases in speed, angle of incline, and resistance is adequate to kick up a new burn. Remember, personal trainers do fitness testing on treadmills at a 1.7 speed and begin the angle on the ramp at a 10% grade and continues to increase speed and angle of ramp (Bruce Treadmill Test). Many adults give up by the third or fourth increase. Ask a personal trainer to administer this test for you to find out where you are and get input about where you should begin in order to be challenged enough to burn more calories.

Give It a Spin!

Spinning cycling classes are an amazing way to kick up a big calorie burn. These classes are held indoors on stationary cycles. An instructor or personal trainer takes you through a cycling scenario that simulates and outdoor ride. Speed, tempo, and hills are all part of the course. Take a towel and water bottle because you will sweat like crazy! These classes easily burn 450 calories in a 30-45 minute class (Livestrong).

Fun-ctional Fitness

Functional fitness is fun and burns 450 calories or more usually used in High Intensity Interval Training. If you have never tried these exercises, then I would recommend a rest-based interval class or working with a personal trainer. These exercises use the most muscles in movement patterns instead of muscle-group focused work. The coach works these in 30-90 second timed segments with 30-60 second rests in between. If you feel you can’t do the exercise properly, then stop so you don’t injure yourself. I learned to lead both HIIT and rest-based intervals  as part of the National Trainers Exercise Association’s(NETA) continuing education unit for exercise professionals. These have you work as hard and long as you can until you HAVE to rest. Rest until you can go again. Your work segments are 3 exercises in a circuit. You are timed for a set period of time with a rest break for everyone. Work as long and hard as you feel you can, then rest when you need it during that working phase (IDEA Fitness). A new set of exercises for another circuit Begin again when you feel you can. Everyone rests during the short rest segment. Exercisers are able to control their own workout intensity and prevent injuries. Most of these classes last 30 minutes. These workouts aren’t easy, but they will help you keep those calories from taking up residence on your body!

Lift It!

Most people think of cardio when they want to burn calories, but lifting weights burns fat, too (Healthline). The actual energy burn is over the next two days of rest as the muscles re-build muscle fibers. Weight training burns the glycogen stored in the muscles from the carbs you eat 1-2 days before the workout. Couple a good weight lifting session with a 30 minute cardio session, and you will sail through the holidays easily.

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Many blessings to you!


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