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Encore Post: Break Free from the Diet Hype!

Posted on October 3, 2018 at 8:40 AM

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This blog post previously appeared on Totally Fit 4 Life's website in late 2015. All work is my own.

By now, you have probably given up or restarted your weight loss efforts. You've gone on several diets that failed, tried weight loss supplements or other "miracles" just to sink a ton of money into a company's sales rep's vacation in the Caribbean AND knocked yourself out in the latest HIIT or Boot Camp classes. You saw results, but when you stopped, the results disappeared. Now favorite your weather clothes won’t fasten and you feel like hiding.

What Gives?

Hype. That's it. Marketing has done thorough research on your psyche and the weight loss phenomena. We want desperately to lose weight and look nice, so they promise to deliver results. And they do—for a while. However, the change doesn't last because you either have to rely on them paying thousands of dollars a year or you have to jump from plan to plan. Most people give up after two or three rounds because it's not realistic for daily living in your fast-paced world.

What Now?

Stop the craziness. The answer is timeless: eat healthy, low calorie, nutrient-dense food in moderate portion sizes and exercise. The solution is so simple, yet so difficult because we want results yesterday. It's time to make these steps become real, lasting change.

No Excuses!

Honestly, there is no excuse for the" cattle run" at the local buffet restaurant as people barrel up to the buffet tables gorging themselves on the vast array of food. There is no excuse for not exercising. There is no excuse for giving up. But there are explanations. There are a host of reasons it is difficult to make valuable changes. You are absolutely capable of making change, but have to figure out what will work for you in your life’s situation. You just need to know you can do this.

Char's Soap Box

I’ve said this countless times: focus on a healthy lifestyle. That really is the bottom line. Here is how:

Get real! Very few people will ever achieve the Barbie or Ken doll appearance. Very few will have the perfect muscle build. Those individuals are actually not the norm, they are the exception. Learn about your body and work with it. Your doctor can be a good place to start by learning what issues may be causing difficulties for you. God didn't make a mistake when He created you. He is willing to help you by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Get moving! Find an exercise plan you can keep doing. Set it up in cycles so you can maintain a healthy calorie burn. With so many types of exercise and tools, you are bound to find something you like.

Ditch the Diet! Stop putting your hard-earned dollars in someone else's pocket. Stop filling your body with weight loss junk. Do Overhaul your pantry at home and pack your lunch. Do Hit the gym for healthy, reasonable exercise. No Diet Required.

Ignore the Hype! Tune out the marketing and sales bullhorns who mess with your mind by trying to sell you on their product, their workout plan, their detox, their whatever. Be health savvy. If you need special help losing weight, hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, or go through a medically supervised plan at your local hospital.

Make new friends! If your friends keep pulling you off track, they aren't very good friends. Spend more time with people whose health and appearance you admire. You will reflect what you see in the friends with whom you spend your time.

Be patient! Nothing happens overnight. Neither does becoming the new you. It takes time with a healthy dose of determination. Setbacks will come. Plateaus do happen. Don't give up on yourself.

Get busy! What you don't like about your body is what has happened to it. Be honest with yourself. Set up your action plan. Get busy making it happen.

There's an app for that! There are tons of apps available for your activity tracker to track your progress. Several are free. Since we have our smartphones with us most of the time, its easy to instantly record weight, exercise, and food intake.

You can do absolutely do this! You are fully capable of making valuable changes to become healthier and feel more attractive. You just need the boost to make it all happen. Break free!

If you believe guided help would make a difference in your journey to total health, Healthy Lifestyles, personal or group, is a 12 week program which gives you the tools, support, and motivation you need to get started on the right path. May God bless you!

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