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From the Desk of Charlaine October 2019

Posted on October 11, 2019 at 6:20 PM


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Hi, Everyone. You may be wondering what happened this week. I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth nor have I decided to play hookey from blog posts. Instead, I’ve had to slow down to get well. For the past two months, the weather and seasonal changes made my fibro and MCVD worse. I’ve been very tired more often. On my trip to Colorado a month ago, I had a strange discomfort in my chest that knocked the wind out of me and I’ve not picked back up since. This week, I spent the major portion of a day in the emergency room from an intense coronary artery spasm that wouldn’t go away. Thankfully, there was no damage left behind. Most friends and family know I hate going to the emergency room for anything.

I am telling you this because 1) it affects my ministry to you, unfortunately, and 2) to help you see that I really do practice what I preach and teach, even though it may not be pretty. The Happy Friday videos, which seem to be valuable to some of you have stopped for right now. They were never promised as a regular thing anyway. The blog posts and Healthy Lifestyles groups are at a standstill this week. This week’s blog post is almost done, but trying to write much beyond this type of post isn’t working. I’ve also canceled Healthy Lifestyles Groups for now. Any fees paid will be either refunded or credited to the January groups. The fatigue and brain fog have stopped me in my tracks right now.


I have to take care of me right now in order to serve God and you more effectively. My calendar is full of follow-up doctor appointments. My exercise is simply doing what I can like walk or ride my bike on it’s trainer at a LOW TO MODERATE pace. All of my work, that is writing, housework, etc. is in work-rest intervals. We-- the doctors and I-- are trying out a new treatment plan to see what works best. I wish I could have chosen great genes, but as it is, I have my genes to thank for this. UGH! So it is.


In the meantime, I do ask God, “Why?” Job did. King David did. So many of God’s people in the Bible have asked similar questions of their own circumstances. As long as I remain reverent of the Holiness of God and His Sovereignty, I am okay to ask Him such questions. I may have plans, but God can certainly interrupt or divert them, even halt them if He so chooses (Proverbs 19:21).


I will post what I can as best as I can right now. Memes are easy to do. It is the blog posts that require a lot more effort.I will work with the people who are currently doing personal Healthy Lifestyles. No exercise classes right now, either. Watch for updates over the next few weeks.


What I ask of you is to simply pray. My doctors are great about looking at alternative health practices proven to work alongside traditional medicine, so I would ask you to respect me by not pointing me to special diets or natural therapies as a cure. I have heard this quote often regarding the autoimmune disease that plagues me, “By His stripes we are healed!” These well-intentioned people mean well, but it is not helpful since it is unknowingly taken out of context. Nice sentiment. I appreciate your willingness to encourage me. I know God certainly does have the power to physically heal me, but He will only do so if it is His plan. Your prayers and encouragement are always welcome.

Feel free to contact me through your social media venue where you find Be Totally Fit for Life or use the comment section below.

May God bless you!

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